Dear No One

*fortunately, i dont believe in human being anymore.*

I like being independent
Not so much of an investment
No one to tell me what to do

I like being by myself
Don't gotta entertain anybody else
No one to answer to

But sometimes I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me their jacket when it's cold
Got that young love even when we're old

Yeah, sometimes I want someone to grab my hand
Pick me up, pull me close, be my man
I will love you 'til the end

So if you're out there I swear to be good to you
But I'm done lookin' for my future someone
'Cause when the time is right you'll be here,
But for now, dear No One,
This is your love song
Ooh, oh, oh

I don't really like big crowds
I tend to shut people out
I like my space, yeah

But I'd love to have a soul mate
And God'll give him to me someday
And I know it'll be worth the wait,

Dear No One, no need to be searchin', no
Dear No One.
Dear No One.
Dear No One, this is your love song ❤️

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