#Wordless Sunday

Assalamualaikum .. how r u ?
hopefully , all of u were enjoy your day ..

I'm not in a good condition ..

my eyes feel 'pedih' ..
don't know why .. maybe , i spent too much time in front of the notebook .
ermm,it's ok laa...


"If u remember Allah in prosperity ,
He'll not forsake u in adversity."

but,the problem is how can Allah wanna help us in

adversity if we forget He in prosperity ??
we just remember Allah when we got problems ..
when we happy , hooray-2 .. we forgot..forgot..and forgot ..

same like me too .. incontrovertibly !

but Allah is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim ..

He always help us .. and help us  ..
anytime , we got a problem . He's there for us ..
Allahu Rabbi ..
ALLAH never leaves us .. NEVER !

so,renung-2kan dan selamat beramal ! *PEace WitH ImAn*

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